Rescue Testimonials

“Although I have hiked many mountains in my lifetime, and have sustained blisters, scrapes, and sore muscles in many of those hikes, I had never given much thought to what happens if you break your leg or have a true medical emergency on the mountain. While I knew those things happen, they happen to other people, not ME!! Since my injury occurred, there is not a day that has gone by that I have not thought of everyone who came to my rescue and the gratitude that I feel for the people who both work and volunteer in this capacity.”

“Again, I can never thank you all enough for not only what you did for me that day, but also just for the fact that you are willing to volunteer to answer the call for me and others. I will be forever grateful.”

“Members of at least 4 rescue teams came to Anne’s aid to get her off the mountain. We met many of those wonderful volunteers and were comforted by their caring professionalism and stamina. Thanks for all you do for us hikers.”

“We enjoy the outdoors and our goal has always been to never meet rescuers under those circumstances, but we failed. We thank God the groups and agencies that you support where for us!”

“In October 2007 I fell on Mt Moosilauke and broke my ankle. The rescuers came in the dark, in the rain, and in good cheer. I kept thanking them as they hauled me down the mountain and one said, “It’s all good. We like bringing the lives ones down.” I cannot believe how lucky I was. I am so grateful for what you do.”

“We still find it hard to adequately comprehend and thank you for all you did in making Jared’s rescue possible. Please extend our gratitude and thanks to all those who risked their life in the effort extended that night. We are keeping all of you in our prayers for all you do.”

“I want to express my sincere gratitude for a heroic rescue from the Mt Kearsarge Trail. I know numerous agencies were involved, my husband counted over 30 people. Please extend my thanks to Mountain Rescue of Androscoggin Valley, SOLO, the Department of Fish and Wildlife, and any others who assisted with a difficult operation, mostly in the dark. It is such important work!”

“I will be forever grateful to the skilled and compassionate men and women who carried me out on the 28th of August with a broken femur and crushed hip. What I remember most about those hours amid thunderstorms and rain, was the thoughtful care, the kindness, and perseverance of all those who participated in the rescue. If ever I become negative about human behavior-and I must admit that I do sometimes-I have only to think about those hours to restore my faith as to who we are and what we can be.”

“My rescue experience on September 22nd was profound in many ways. It was a lesson in kindness, in strength, in good will, and humility. Most impressively, it was a firsthand look into the skills and leadership coordination of a rescue team. All of the volunteers involved, have my eternal thanks but I was particularly impressed with the calm, clear leadership skills of Sgt. Brian Abrams.”

“Despite breaking my ankle, I got to experience a really wonderful event. The people who came together to help me last Thursday on the trail. Their kindness and efficiency, and the remarkably capable response by the entire team – are things we will remember with gratitude forever.”