Grant Criteria

The New Hampshire Outdoor Council makes grants to organizations consistent with the Council’s mission of support for the New Hampshire hiking trail system, search and rescue operations in the state, and educational projects to prevent the need for search and rescue missions.

The current grantmaking priorities of the Council are:

  • Support for search and rescue operations in the state of New Hampshire and the various organizations that cooperate with the New Hampshire Department of Fish and Game and the U.S. Forest Service in carrying out those operations;
  • Informational and educational projects designed to prevent the necessity of search and rescue missions.

Requests will be considered from non-profit organizations, municipalities, State and Federal agencies. The Council will consider the impact and cost efficiency of a grant request, how many funding alternatives the requesting organization may have, and if matching funds are available to the applicant organization.

Individual grant requests for training, lost equipment, or similar purposes should be directed to the individual’s team or organization. Extraordinary circumstances must exist for the Council to make an individual grant.

Grants are awarded for group training, equipment and public education. The minimum grant request accepted is $500 and the maximum grant award currently is $5,000. Grant requests are considered at bimonthly meetings of the Council, usually the second Thursdays of February, April,  June, October and December. Grant proposals should be sent to the council a minimum of 10 days prior to a meeting.

Grant requests consist should include a letter detailing the proposal on the letterhead of the requesting organization with cost documentation attached and contact information of the organization and the representative making the proposal. Applications may be mailed to the address below or submitted by email with the link to the form below.

New Hampshire Outdoor Council
PO Box 157
Kearsarge, NH 03847


Grant Application Form

Grants Summary 1988-2023

To promote the mission and visibility of the NHOC the following credit copy is provided for grant recipients:
NHOC Funding Credit (full version):

Funding made possible by the New Hampshire Outdoor Council (NHOC). The NHOC is a private, non-profit organization founded in 1986. It supports backcountry safety education and backcountry search and rescue in New Hampshire. Among its activities are funding assistance for the hikeSafe educational efforts of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department and White Mountain National Forest and the provision of grants for training and equipment of search and rescue teams. More information about the council is available at

NHOC Funding Credit (short version):
Funding for ____________ was provided in part by the New Hampshire Outdoor Council (NHOC), a non-profit organization supporting backcountry safety education and search and rescue in New Hampshire.